Petition: To the minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance Minister,

We call on you to implement a Collective Resilience Plan in Budget 2021 that provides:

  • a 20% boost to the overseas aid budget, focused on healthcare, social support and resilience, plus;
  • a doubling of finance for climate action overseas from new and additional sources, and;
  • a timeline for getting aid spending to 0.7% of gross national income by 2030.

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Together We Can Overcome Coronavirus and Climate Change

We are at a crossroads, with everyone’s lives being thrown upside down by a global pandemic, climate change and the economic downturn of the century. 

But the people who already endure the indignity of poverty and discrimination are suffering the most.

Right now, Aotearoa is in a unique position to respond. But New Zealand lags far behind countries like the UK, Germany and Denmark in our share of national income contributed to overseas aid and our funding of climate action overseas.

The government needs to step up our overseas aid and climate action urgently so we can work with the world to overcome coronavirus and the climate crisis. This will help support:

  • strong healthcare systems that can get us all through global pandemics
  • social safety nets, in places without them, for when people lose their income
  • renewable energy and adaptive farming on the frontlines of the climate crisis
  • humanitarian support for when disaster strikes. 

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